WW – Stoney Creek Nature Reserve

Wed 15 January 2014 08:30am

Martin Butterfield

Meet at Uriarra East picnic area at 8:30 am.

Post event report

Fourteen members and guests assembled at Uriarra East at 8:30, when it was already about 28 degrees. While signing on happened we were entertained by the calls and flights of up to 5 Dollarbirds. A flight of White-winged Choughs passed by, possibly heading to a nest site further down the carpark.

Large numbers of small bush birds were moving along in the vegetation, making accurate counting very
difficult. It was easier to count the birds in or above the Murrumbidgee. These included a Collared Sparrowhawk carrying prey (and being encouraged to leave the premises by a Willie Wagtail), 2 White-faced Herons, 6 Australian Wood Ducks and 5 Black-fronted Dotterels.

Once in the vicinity of the Casuarinas Mistletoebirds were common. Two Rainbow Bee-eaters posed nicely, with one seemingly stuck in position while it sorted out how to handle a large insect. Counting problems again reared their head when a very large flock of Little Ravens went overhead: estimates ranged from 75 to ‘a bit over 100’.

After about 90 minutes of ambling the temperature was rising and the birds appeared to have gone for siesta, so we returned, arriving back at the cars by 10:45. The external thermometer in my car was reading 34 degrees (1 over the total number of species seen) so definitely time to head for air conditioning.

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