Email Discussion List (Chatline)

LatestChatlinePostsThe COG Chatline is an email announcement and discussion list for members and friends of COG.  It’s officially called Canberra Birds but often referred to as the Chatline.  

Subscribers receive posts as emails, but anybody can see the most recent five posts displayed on the website home page as a scrolling list.  Clicking on the title of any of these posts will take you to the archive of all posts.

What can it be used for?

Well, just about anything you choose to share with others related to COG and birding in the Canberra region! Interesting birding observations; requests for information (what’s the bird I heard at Campbell Park with an eight-note ascending call?); quick feedback on Good Ideas; news from the Committee in advance of receiving it at a monthly meeting or via Gang-gang; comments on birding books or articles you have read; and so on.

‘Canberra Birds’ is designed to supplement the national birding list, Birding-Aus.

Who can join ‘Canberra Birds’?

Anyone may join (subscribe to) the list.

How do I join and use ‘Canberra Birds’?

To join the list go to and fill out the section “Subscribing to CanberraBirds“.

To leave (unsubscribe from) the list go again to and enter your email address at the very bottom of the page under “CanberraBirds Subscribers“.

Once you have joined the list, you will receive each post as an email.  To make life simpler you may wish to set up a filter in your email app to keep your list emails separate from others .  To send a message (a ‘post’) to all other list members email it to reply to a post, using “Reply” will send your reply to the original sender only, while “Reply All” will send to both the original sender and to the list i.e. everyone.

So long as the list is not abused, everything posted to it will be automatically delivered to all subscribers.  Subscribers should familiarise themselves with the list rules to ensure that their messages get through.

Only the list maintainer will have access to the list of email addresses of people who have subscribed.

The list archive

A searchable archive containing all emails posted to the list is maintained. It is a condition of list membership that you agree that emails that you send to the list address for distribution are publicly available in the archive. Please note that email addresses in the archive’s contents are masked so that they cannot be harvested by spammers and others. The list archive is online at

Emails’ size limit

Emails posted to the list that exceed 2 MB (2,000 kB) in size, including attachments, will be rejected. This reflects the fact that many list subscribers access the list via mobile devices that operate under plans with limited download allowances. If necessary, please resize any photographs that you wish to post to the list to ensure that the total size of your email is below the 2 MB limit.


Please direct questions or comments to David McDonald, tel. 0416 231 890,