Warks Road, Brindabellas

Sun 18 November 2018 08:00am

David Dedenczuk

Meet at Stromlo Forest Park at 8:00 am for carpooling.  The plan is to drive to the junction of Wark’s Rd and Blundell’s Creek Rd. Possible birds include Pilotbird, Rufous Fantail, Eastern Yellow Robin, Satin Flycatcher and Red-browed Treecreeper.

We will return to the Bull’s Head picnic area for an early lunch, and a second survey.  Spotted Quail-thrush and Superb Lyrebirds have been reported from this site.  We will return to Canberra by mid-afternoon.  Bring morning tea, lunch, water and sun protection.  There will be a limit of four vehicles – so please advise David by COB Friday 16 November if your wish to come along.


Post event report

On a fine November morning, a party of 14 COG members gathered at Stromlo Forest Park, prior to departing for the Brindabellas.  Two Superb Parrots flew over the group in the car park, a good sign of the birding to follow in the ensuing morning.  The first site was at the iconic junction of Warks (pronounced ‘works’) and Blundell Creek Roads.  The ‘Warking Group’ made their way for several hundred metres in each direction from the junction.  Tall Ribbon Gums (E. viminalis) and Narrow-leaved Peppermint (E. radiata) provided abundant shade, and a high redoubt for the many birds in good voice.  With some minor risk of developing ‘warbler neck’, the group espied Satin Flycatchers, including birds building a nest, Red-Browed Treecreeper, and Golden and Rufous WhistlersYellow-faced Honeyeaters were the dominant honeyeaters, with White-naped and White-eared also evident.  The party saw 35 species at this site.

Late in the morning we moved on to the top end of Moonlight Hollow Road with its very different sub-alpine forest.  A highlight of this site was a pair of Fan-tailed Cuckoos calling loudly in close proximity to one another.  The party saw 21 species at this site.

Lunch was held, prior to a quick post-lunch survey at the Bulls Head Picnic Ground.    The birds were, by lunchtime, harder to locate.  Nonetheless, when the birding got tough, the tough got birding. A male Scarlet Robin was a highlight. The party saw 14 species at this site.

David Dedenczuk


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