Wamboin White Gum Forest Reserve

Sun 28 November 2021 08:00am

David McDonald

Description: This will be COG’s first visit to this interesting area on the NSW side of the border, abutting the Kowen pine forest. It is a Brittle Gum forest with tracks built in recent years for the Kowen Trail Runners. The birds are typical of the Southern Highlands Brittle Gum/Red Stringybark Forest ecosystem: not prolific, but nonetheless interesting. Painted Button-quail have been observed in similar habitat nearby.

eBird hotspot: https://ebird.org/australia/hotspot/L3296954

Meeting time and place: 08:00 am at the Spotlight carpark, Bungendore Road, Queanbeyan, for optional carpooling

Walking distance: 5 km approx.

Degree of difficulty: Easy/moderate

End time (approx.): 11.00 am, with an optional additional visit to a nearby travelling stock reserve

What to bring: Water & morning tea

Registration is required, by email or text to the trip leader, giving name, mobile number, and emergency contact name and mobile number

Name of leader and contact details: David McDonald, email david [at] dnmcdonald.id.au, phone/text 0416 231 890

Numbers limited to 15.



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