Sun 25 September 2016 08:30am

David Dedenczuk
This is a survey in two parts, each requiring about an hour and a bit walking.  The first part will be a gentle walk around the Sanctuary. This area has ponds with waterbirds.  The second part will be a slightly less gentle walk around the Lyrebird track. This area has some wet Eucalypt forest, and some different birds.  Bring some morning tea, and/or a thermos to have in the break between the two parts.  Meet at the Carpark in front of the Tidbinbilla Visitor’s Centre at 830.  For any enquiries  contact David Dedenczuk on 0417222154 or ddedentz@bigpond.net.au.

Post event report

Five COG members and one guest gathered at Tidbinbilla on a clear, fine morning.  Members were bemused to see that a Magpie-lark had made a nest in a metallic power pole at the carpark, in preference to the perfectly good trees nearby.  The walk around the Sanctuary was very rewarding, with some 34 species recorded.  Much water was flowing through, and platypuses and terrapins were very conspicuous.  Honeyeaters of different kinds were in good song.  A highlight was a Little Eagle soaring over the ponds and a Brown Goshawk circling even higher still.  The party enjoyed seeing the captive birds, including the Brolga, the Magpie Geese and Ripper the Musk Duck.  The latter put on a good display, despite the sad absence of any mate to witness it.  The second part of the morning consisted of a walk around the Lyrebird Track.  Here too, there was much water flowing through, and the clear streams were babbling noisily.  It was hard to see many birds in the lush undergrowth, but many were heard.  Golden Whistlers were numerous.  The party heard one plaintive Eastern Whipbird in the distance.  Striated and Brown Thornbills and Grey Shrike-thrushes all added to the general chorus.  Curiously any Superb Lyrebirds present were silent.


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