Tumut – camping

Fri 17 April 2015 03:00pm

Gavin Small & Sue Lashko

We will camp on private property near Tumut.  On Saturday morning we will assist Tumut birders carry out a wetland survey.  We will bird on the property and at other nearby sites.  Camping will be on a take everything in-take everything out basis. The property is 100 ha.  87 ha are under a VCA with NSW Govt and 20 Ha are in the Federal Box Gum Grassy Woodland scheme.

Register with Sue Lashko at smlashko@gmail.com.  The campout will be restricted to 15 participants who will be emailed more details closer to the time.


Post event report

Just three intrepid souls made the two hour drive in continuous rain to Tumut, after several late withdrawals. Between showers, we set up tents on Gavin Small’s 100 hectare property. 87 Ha are under a Voluntary Conservation Agreement with the NSW Govt and 20 Ha are in the Federal White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland Scheme. A break in the weather saw us set off for the highest point on the property which gave commanding views over the surrounding area before we were enveloped in mist, causing us to retreat to the comfort of Gavin’s shed.

After intermittent but light rain overnight, we woke to grey skies but only the lightest of showers. We joined the Tumut Field Study Group to survey the Tumut Wetlands, an area of approximately 20 ha located on the edge of Tumut township adjacent to the sewerage works. The area is Crown Land which was previously the town common, dedicated in 1870, but the stock have now been removed and many trees have been planted to create a lovely reserve. Despite the conditions, we recorded 44 species, including Black-shouldered Kite, Nankeen Kestrel, Double-barred Finch, Yellow Thornbill and Golden-headed Cisticola.

At the completion of the survey, we adjourned to a local café for a welcome hot drink – and the heavens opened! A check of the BOM website revealed plenty more rain to come and forecast to last until Tuesday. At that point, we decided to return to our campsite, pack up our wet tents and head back to Canberra. Before we left, a pair of Jacky Winters and a number of Double-barred Finches put in an appearance, with a Flame Robin calling in the background. We hope to return to Tumut in the spring to revisit the property, the wetlands and to check out a number of other birding spots in the area.

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