Tathra area – mid-week accommodated

Tue 30 August 2022 01:30pm

Prue Watters

This trip was to take place last year but was postponed due to Covid.  First priority was given to those who had signed up for 2021 but there is still one space available.

Description: This is a mid-week trip to Tathra staying for 3 nights in the Kianinny Bush

Cottages located in bushland just outside Tathra. There will be bird walks around our

accommodation as well as excursions to sites within Mimosa Rocks National Park and

nearby wetlands. We can expect to see around 100 species including Glossy Black

Cockatoos, Superb Lyrebirds, Crescent Honeyeaters, Hooded Plovers, other shorebirds

and seabirds.


Meeting time and place: Drive to Kianinny Cottages on the morning of 31 August. Expect a

bird walk that afternoon from about 1.30pm.


Walking distance: 2-5 km each day


What to bring: Self-catering (BYO meals or dinner at Tathra Hotel or other eateries in town). Packed lunches some days. More detailed information will be provided to those who register.


Participants must register with the leader at prue.watters@gmail.com, providing their name and mobile number, and the name and mobile number of an emergency contact.


Five cottages have been booked. Each cottage has 2 bedrooms, one with a queen-sized bed and another with twin beds, plus bathroom, kitchen and living area.

When you register, if you wish to share a cabin with particular people, please notify the

leader. The cost will depend on the number in each cabin. The cost for one cabin for 3 nights

with 3 people sharing is approximately $505 (ie about $170 per person for a 3 night stay).


Prue Watters – 0414 357 456


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