Namadgi National Park – Blundells Creek Rd/Warks Rd

Sun 14 January 2024 07:30am

Kim Farley

This outing will explore the forests of Namadgi National Park along Blundells Creek Rd and Warks Rd. The area hosts interesting species not seen in the drier and lower altitude parts of the ACT.  In particular we will be looking for summer migrants such as Satin Flycatcher and Rufous Fantail, but also hoping for Shriketit, Red-browed Treecreeper and Rose Robin. Pilotbirds, Whipbirds and Lyrebirds occur in the area, though are more often heard than seen.

We will meet at 7:30am in the carpark at Stromlo Forest Park (off Dave McInnes Drive) for carpooling and then drive up into the National Park. The road is unpaved from near the Park boundary but in good condition. We will do some walking, but not very far, and not arduous.

Suggested contribution by passengers to their driver is $6 per person.  Please have the correct change.

Bring a hat, water and morning tea, and wear appropriate footwear.

Register with with your name, mobile number, and the name and mobile number of an emergency contact.


Post event report

Twenty people came along to the COG Warks/Blundells Rd trip on Sunday 14 Jan. The weather was cool but luckily there didn’t seem to have been as much rain as in Canberra the night before. Unfortunately the gate at the top of Blundells Creek Rd was locked – though it was open the day before!  A quick route change took us up to Piccadilly Circus, then to Bulls Head Picnic Area for a short unproductive stop (too few birds). We then headed down Bendora Rd and on to Warks where the birding improved. Highlights included great views of an adult Red-browed Treecreeper feeding a youngster, four Cicadabirds heard and one glimpsed, and nice views of Varied Sittella. Lots of White-naped Honeyeaters were about, along with Eastern Yellow Robins, Fan-tailed Cuckoos and several Lyrebirds calling. We also heard Pilotbirds in full song and several of us heard a Wonga Pigeon calling high up in the forest. Some of the group continued on to lower Warks Rd and found nesting Eastern Shriketit and multiple Satin Flycatchers! It was a sometimes frustrating morning but lovely to be in the mountains birding with friends.


Kim Farley

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