Aranda Bushland

Sun 10 July 2022 09:00am

Michael Robbins and Matthew Larkin

Meeting time and place: Meet at 9.00 am at the main entrance on Bindubi Street (where the power pylons go through the NR).

Walking distance: We will amble for about 2 hours (2 to 4 km) through the western and southern part of the reserve and possibly into the adjacent Snow Gums NR.
Degree of difficulty: easy
End time (approx.): 11am
What to bring: water, sturdy shoes, warm clothing, hat.

Register with Michael – with your name and contact number, plus name and contact number for an emergency contact.

Post event report

Nineteen hardy souls us gathered on a blustery but sunny morning at Aranda Bushland NR. The walk was ably led by Michael Robbins and Matthew Larkin. Initially the wind made it difficult to hear and see birds, but later the wind dropped and we came across several mixed feeding flocks with a number of species including Buff-rumped, Brown and Striated Thornbills, Weebills, White-throated Treecreepers, Grey Fantail, Scarlet Robin and Golden Whistlers. White-naped and Brown-headed Honeyeaters were part of the last MFF but as usual they darted around so fast, it was hard to get a good view of them. We had a close view of an Australian Raven and Michael and Sue explained the difference between it and the Little Raven (which we didn’t see on this walk).

We also saw a Wedge-tailed Eagle flying high on the thermals. We learnt how to identify some of the eucalypts in the reserve from Matthew.  We ventured into Snowgums NR but low-lying parts were still wet and muddy so we were unable to access them. As often happens, the best bird, a male Rose Robin, appeared just as the walk was ending. Overall it was a pleasant morning, with 31 species recorded.

Nicky West

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