Late autumn mystery bus trip

Sun 27 May 2018 08:00am

Jack Holland, Jenny Bounds

Jenny Bounds and Jack Holland are planning another bus trip for this date. Aspects are expected to be the same as previous weekend trips of this kind, ie cost of $20 for transport by two 12-seater buses, the point of departure will be the National Library car park at 8 am, and it will run until mid-afternoon (please bring morning tea and lunch).  To continue to keep it fresh we are again looking at changing the specific objectives of this trip.  These are still being discussed but we plan to visit some spots where participants may not normally go and will be able to see some interesting birds.  The final itinerary will depend on some reccies beforehand, as well as which birds have been reported around the time.

If you are interested in participating please contact Jack Holland (6288 7840 H or by email on  Please don’t delay booking your seats if you are intending to participate in this very popular outing.

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