July Wednesday Walk to Mulligan’s Flat

Wed 15 July 2020 09:00am

Sandra Henderson and Lia Battisson

Meet at 09:00 on 15 July at Justice Kelly St  where there is a gate into the Reserve.  The main objective will be the big dam.  To facilitate compliance with COVID 19 requirements would intending participants please notify me by email (martinflab@gmail.com) giving their name and mobile number before the date.  Should COVID 19 requirements change before the event I will update this post.

As a large number of people have registered interest in this walk the group will be split into 2.  Details of this process will be given on the day, but should not have significant impact on the birds seen by the groups.

Note also the new leaders for the outing.

Post event report

A very popular Wednesday Walk, with well over 40 participants, including quite a few of the Mulligans Flat volunteers.  To manage this number of participants, we broke into three groups, with Sandra, Lia and Chris Davey as the three leaders. Our objective was the Big Dam, so we headed in that direction from the Eric Wright St entrance, leaving plenty of social distance between the three groups.

We had ventured only a couple of hundred metres before three Bush Stone-curlews were spotted, and for many of us this was our first sighting of these cryptic birds at Mulligans. The Big Dam looked to have very few birds when we first arrived, but we found most of the expected species. Pink-eared Ducks, Grey Teal, Australian Wood Ducks, Pacific Black Ducks, Hardheads and eventually a pair of Chestnut Teal were all pointed out to the non-birder volunteers.  A pair of Black Swans had an occupied nest in a less obvious area of the dam.

Sandra Henderson

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