Hall area and Wallaroo Road

Sun 03 June 2018 09:00am

Bill Graham

Meet for carpooling at Hall Recreation Reserve, Gladstone St, Hall ( on LHS from Canberra) at 9.00 am. We will travel west along Wallaroo Road into McCarthy Road to a private property which has Murrumbidgee River frontage. Later we will visit Hall Common. Bring morning tea and lunch, warm clothing and strong boots.

Contact Bill Graham on 0466874723 or cogoffice@canberrabirds.org.au

Post event report

On a mild winter’s morning, eight intrepid birdwatchers commenced their expedition from the children’s playground in Hall and walked towards the horse paddocks near the corner of Hoskins and Gibbes Sts. Along the way, the vociferous calls of the Spotted and Striated Pardalote were heard but the birds were not easily seen by all. A total of 22 species was encountered including Red-rumped Parrots, Golden Whistler, Weebill, Grey Shrikethrush, as well as a multitude of Noisy Miners (already gathering nest-building material!), Common Mynas and Common Starlings. The second part of the expedition entailed driving along Wallaroo Rd (where eight species were seen including Australian Wood Ducks, Brown Falcon, White-faced Heron, Australasian Grebe and Wedge-tailed Eagle) to visit two neighbouring properties in Wallaroo. We stopped at a delightful and quiet acreage on McCarthy Rd where a group of thornbills (Buff-rumped, Brown, Yellow and Striated) flitted through the garden. A welcome lesson on how to distinguish these tiny and fast-moving birds was very much appreciated. Shortly thereafter, we walked along the Murrumbidgee River, weaving its way through the two properties, where 32 species were detected including a Wedge-Tailed Eagle, 12 Satin Bowerbirds, seven Eastern Spinebills, White-eared Honeyeater, Grey and Pied Butcherbird, Golden Whistler, nine White-winged Choughs, four Silvereyes, two European Goldfinches, 16 Redbrowed Finches and a large flock of Common Starlings (estimated at around 300). After a pleasant stroll, we enjoyed a hearty lunch provided by the property owner. A good part of the afternoon was spent with great food and company. Thanks to both property owners for their generosity. F

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