Gungaderra Grasslands

Sun 21 August 2022 09:00am

Bill Graham

Gungaderra Grasslands NR occurs between Palmerston, Crace and CSIRO Gungahlin and borders Gungahlin Drive. The extensive grasslands support healthy populations of Eurasian Skylark, Australasian Pipit and Stubble Quail. There are scattered trees and woodlands with Brittle Gum and Scribbly Gum.  I have seen a pair of Black-shouldered Kites, Nankeen Kestrels and Brown Falcons copulating. 88 species have been recorded. This is a new site for a COG visit.

Meet at 9.00 am at Bollard St Palmerston for a walk through the grasslands.

Distance -about 3km

Difficulty – quite easy.

Register with Bill Graham on with your name and phone number and the phone and number of your emergency contact.

Bring sturdy shoes, gaiters, hat, sunscreen and morning tea.

Post event report

Twelve members and guests joined Bill Graham for a wander through this reserve, which most had never visited. I had arrived early and come across a couple of Flame Robins near the entry, sitting on a back fence and the roof of one of the houses backing onto the reserve. It took only a couple of minutes for the group to relocate them and get good views. Further into the reserve we came across a group of three, with two adult males. As expected, raptors were making good use of the grasslands, and a pair of Black-shouldered Kites, a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles and two Nankeen Kestrels were sighted. With a number of dams and water lying in many areas, the waterbirds included Pacific Black Ducks, Grey Teal, Australian Wood Ducks, several Australasian Grebes and a White-faced HeronEurasian Skylarks were heard, but not seen, over the grasslands as we made our way back to the entry. I expect many of us will be back to visit once the migrants start arriving.

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