Eden pelagics

Sat 21 March 2020 07:00am

Tobias Hiyashi

COG will be running two weekends of pelagics in mid-March and in mid-October. There will be a Saturday and a Sunday trip each weekend. The idea behind both trips is to hit migration time for the seabirds. March trips tend to have a more summer flavour with fewer winter albatrosses but with one memorable trip in 2015 getting both Herald Petrel (very rare) and Kermadec Petrel. The October trips are timed to try and see the passage of Cook’s and Mottled Petrel (both rare) but also offer a great selection of winter albatrosses and petrels.

Cost is not finalised but is likely to be around $130 per person per day. You need to be in Eden ready to board the boat by 7am (we are usually back in Eden around 3pm). If you are interested, please email me at tobiashayashi@hotmail.com, stating the date you wish to go; you may choose any or all days. Please note that these trips are advertised to COG members first, and financial members are given priority. I will advertise these trips to non-members in early January (for the March trips) and in late June (for the October trips), so if you are keen to come, please make sure you contact me soon.

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