Eden pelagics – 2 days

Sat 02 September 2017 07:00am

Sandra Henderson, Tobias Hiyashi

COG will run two pelagic trips over the first weekend in September. At this stage I am seeking expressions of interest for these trips. The cost will be $110 per day, and the trips start from the Eden wharf at 7am each day. Please contact me to put your name on the list if you’ve not already done so. I will confirm your attendance and request payment closer to the time.

After many years as our resident expert, Anthony Overs will no longer be undertaking the pelagic trips. His expertise, enthusiasm and willingness to educate us about seabirds has been much appreciated. Tobias Hayashi has agreed to take over this role.

Sandra Henderson, shirmax2931@gmail.com

Post event report

COG members and visitors boarded the Connemara at Eden on September 2 for the first of the spring pelagic trips, with skipper Richard and deckhand Richie.  The weather was fine and as a few Shy Albatross appeared as we motored out it appeared we were in for a good day.  It wasn’t too long before the first Humpback Whales appeared. During the day we saw around a dozen, including a number which came to the surface only metres from the boat, giving us fantastic views of these magnificent animals. Some large mixed groups of Fluttering and Hutton’s Shearwaters were seen on the way to the shelf, as was a single Brown Skua. After a slow start at the shelf, quite a number of Shy Albatross appeared, then a very obliging Black-browed Albatross. A single Campbells Albatross flew in, giving us excellent views of the distinguishing underwing pattern.  The sole Wandering Albatross (Gibsons) of the day settled on the water some distance from the boat. Other species of note included White-headed PetrelGrey-faced PetrelWhite-faced Storm-Petrel and a Northern Giant Petrel.


The Sunday pelagic trip was cancelled by the charter company with the weather forecast of strong winds and high seas making it too risky to venture out. Since most of the participants were in Eden already, most of us decided to instead drive down to Green Cape on the Sunday morning. The very strong winds and rough seas, as well as scattered showers visible out at sea, made us glad we were still on solid ground!  There were few birds off the cape, but a pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles floated above us for some time. A Tawny-crowned Honeyeater, a first for some, was sighted and photographed as we left the cape.


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