Birrigai Time Trial

Wed 15 June 2022 09:00am

Sandra Henderson

Meet at 9am in the Tidbinbilla Visitor Centre carpark, for a walk across the grasslands to the Birrigai Time Trail.

Distance – about 3km
Difficulty – quite easy, on tracks. There are some stone steps near the Aboriginal rock shelter.
Bring – sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen.
Register with Sandra ( with your name and phone number, and name and number for an emergency contact.
I walked the route on 2 June, and saw Fan-tailed Cuckoos, Speckled Warbler, various thornbills and honeyeaters. On the same day a pair of Hooded Robins were seen not far from the carpark by another COG member.

Post event report

The outing on the Birrigai trail was on a cold but pleasant morning with no wind. Walking from the Tidbinbilla carpark, we tried the small groups of trees further up the slope, finding several smaller species. A couple of Emus were crossing the grassland area, but not a single Flame Robin was seen. What a contrast to several years ago when there were dozens in this area! Grey Shrikethrushes and White-throated Treecreepers were calling along the Time Trail, and Striated Thornbills were seen several times. After many in the group had a look at the rock shelter we enjoyed the great views from the top of the rise. At the dam a few species were sighted briefly, and along the track back to the carpark we kept watch for the Fan-tailed Cuckoo which has been seen in the area. After most had departed, Lindell was shown a photo of said cuckoo – unfortunately only the photographer had seen it.

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