July Meeting

Wed 12 July 2017 07:30pm

Don Fletcher - Little Eagle Research Update
David Hollands - Cranes, Herons and Storks of Australia

The short talk will be given by Don Fletcher on “Little Eagle Research Update.”

Not much is known about Little Eagles (Heiraaetus morphnoides) because there has been little research. The Action Plan identifies research on movements as a conservation priority. A first stage of current research commenced in late 2015 and has been completed. It focused on the Little Eagle pair in the Ginninderry/Riverview development area. A diet study was completed and the male was fitted with a satellite-GPS tracking pack. A new and enlarged research team has been preparing for Stage Two involving a larger sample of eagles. To help find additional nests, COG members are encouraged to submit their Little Eagle observations to eBird or Canberra Nature Map as well as mentioning them on the Chatline, particularly during August and September and especially if two eagles are seen.

The main presentation will be by well known photographer and author David Hollands, on “Cranes, Herons and Storks of Australia”.

This is the title of David’s latest book. The project took him 15 years, long enough to see and learn a lot about our 17 species and to photograph them all, both at and away from the nest. He had quite a few adventures along the way and will cover some of those as well.

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