August Meeting (virtual meeting)

Wed 12 August 2020 07:30pm

Laura Rayner - The Goldilocks Hollow.


The August meeting will again be held online.  The webinar link is:

Participants are encouraged to register at least 30 minutes prior to 7.30 pm.
You will need to have video and sound working on your computer.
During the webinar you will be able to see and hear the presenters but not talk.
Feedback will be via a typed live chat (which has about a 20 second delay).
The meeting is scheduled to last about one hour.


The speaker for this meeting will be Dr Laura Rayner, Senior Ecologist – ACT Parks & Conservation Service, onThe Goldilocks Hollow.

Experts tell us that hollow-nesting birds are selective about where they raise their young. This assumption is accepted for many threatened species, but rarely tested with empirical data. In this talk, Laura will define the nest hollow requirements of the Superb Parrot, and reveal the probability of the species finding a tree hollow that is just right.


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