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Wed 10 June 2020 07:30pm

VIRTUAL meeting! Alice McGlashan - Hollow using species and nest box designs for the Canberra region

This is an ONLINE virtual meeting.  There will be no-one at the regular meeting place.  To participate:

  • About half an hour before the meeting (so from about 7pm) click on this link


  • Register your details using the “Register” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Make sure your video and sound are working on your device (computer, tablet or phone).
  • Wait for acknowledgment and further details.  The meeting itself is programmed to start at 7:30pm.
  • During the meeting you will be able to see and hear the presenters but not talk.  You will be able to use live chat for feedback and questions.  There is a delay of 20 seconds on this.

The single speaker for this virtual meeting will be Alice McGlashan on “Hollow using species and nest box designs for the Canberra region”.

Many of our local native birds and mammals use tree hollows for nesting or sleeping.  Much of the native habitat in and around Canberra has a deficit of old hollow bearing trees, from land clearing and selective removal of large trees for timber and firewood.  However, there are numerous wonderful urban gardens and public spaces planted with native plants, while across the surrounding rural regions many property owners like Alice are encouraging native forests and woodlands to regenerate.  There is food, and shelter, but not enough tree hollows for our local native hollow using species.

In this presentation, Alice will introduce members to our local hollow using species, and will discuss their unique hollow requirements and nest box designs that have been developed for them.  She will also cover what materials to use for making nest boxes, bedding to add, how and where to install nest boxes to ensure they are successfully used.

Lots of mistakes and poor choices of materials were being made by novice nest box makers during the push to make nest boxes for the bushfire affected regions.  So Alice spent quite a lot of time creating these resources and answering questions and correcting advice given by others on the various facebook groups for a couple of months.  Life was pretty busy!

 Also Alice has compiled into a booklet and added key design feature improvements to all the freely available nest box designs. The booklet is available for download at:

And she has compiled some information on materials to use and not to use when making nest boxes on a web page, and also in a booklet for people to download at:

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