April Meeting

Wed 08 April 2015 07:30pm

Philip Veerman - How to identify feathers
Christina Zdenek - Elusive Palmies: Seven Years of Researching the Palm Cockatoo

For the short talk Philip Veerman will give a somewhat experimental and rather different presentation, “About how to identify feathers.”

There is an occasional request for this on the chat line or at meetings (and some wrong answers). This will be an illustrated demonstration of the general points of size, shape, texture and colour as to how to know what part of the bird a feather is from and then to narrow down the possibilities and match it to what you can find in a book, to hopefully come up with the most likely identification.

If you have feathers at home that you wonder or know what they are from, then you may bring them along and we can see how well the methods work (after the close of formal proceedings).

The main presentation will be by visiting fellow at the ANU Christina Zdenek on Elusive Palmies: Seven Years of Researching the Palm Cockatoo”.

Christina will provide an update of her talk to COG in November 2010.  From vocal repertoire studies to genetic variation population studies and drumming behaviour questions, the Palm Cockatoo Project has seen many field seasons on Cape York Peninsula (far north Qld), totalling 22 months of full-time fieldwork in seven years on this iconic and elusive species. Videos and photos will be shown, and new discoveries will be revealed.

For sale at the talk will be 30 X 45 cm canvas prints of stellar palmy photos as well as T-shirts.

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