Wednesday Walk to Baroona Rd

Wed 21 November 2018 09:00am

Martin Butterfield Sandra Henderson

The walk will start at 9am on Baroona Rd, on the roadside at bottom of the driveway of Illilanga: it’s the 2nd property along that road, on the left. Baroona Rd runs off the Monaro Highway about 9km past the turn-off to Michelago.

As it is a fair step from town people may wish to car pool for the trip. It is suggested that parking near the Motor Vehicle Registry on Couranga Crescent Hume may be a suitably secure spot.

People that choose this option should leave by 0830 to get to Baroona St by 0900. Note that Sandra will be going early to Baroona Rd and Martin doesn’t pass Hume so it will up to others to coordinate this step,

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