Flea Bog Flat

Sun 28 February 2021 08:30am

Chris Davey

For this morning’s outing please meet at the park/playground off Jaeger Circuit, Bruce and park off the road on the left, just past Weatherburn Place on your right -35.2497 149.0824 for those with a navigation system. We will meet at 8:30 and head off to explore this little gem in the middle of the Belconnen suburbs. We will then continue to explore O’Connor Ridge ending up at Gossan Hill.


Register at chris_davey@aapt.net.au – please include your mobile and emergency contact name and number.


For further details contact Chris Davey MOB 0418 679 847


Post event report

On a warm and sunny morning, 18 COG members and friends met at the playground just off Jaeger Circuit, Bruce,  for a three-stage amble through the local woodlands. Julia Raine the Convener of the Friends of Flea Bog Flats gave us a short introduction to the nearby Flats on the Aboriginal and European history of the area and the efforts to ensure the area does not become covered in buildings. After a short walk to the Flats we entered via a well-hidden track and found the small area of forgotten, dense and tangled vegetation which is a haven for birds.

The birds soon started to appear, the most obvious being the Silvereyes,  all with pale flanks, that appeared to be feeding as they passed through on their northerly journey. Another highlight was some excellent views of a young Pacific Koel which managed to keep two Red Wattlebirds busy finding food. Other species recorded included Crested Pigeon and Spotted Dove and Gang-gang Cockatoos flying over, contributing to a total of 26 species.

After a slow amble through the Flats we crossed Haydon Drive and started the second stage along Bruce Ridge. What a difference water and dense understorey can make, with the dry woodland along Bruce Ridge producing only 16 species. Of note were the 18 Rock Dove and many Rainbow Lorikeet, both no doubt due to the proximity of Calvary Hospital. Interestingly, virtually no Silvereyes were recorded when compared to the numbers passing through the Flats. We managed to find a route along the Ridge and back across Haydon Drive to Gossan Hill where we spent about 45 minutes walking the eastern side of the Reserve.

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