North Mulligans

Sun 10 December 2023 07:45am

Bill Graham

This walk is aimed at getting you to know new birds from different groups, e.g. parrots, honeyeaters, thornbills, waterbirds, and black and white birds. We will look at their identifying features, calls and behaviour, and the habitat they use. Bill Graham will lead this walk for about 2 hours. Meet at 7.45am at the carpark on the left after the last roundabout on Mulligans Flat Road between Forde and Bonner. Registration is essential; please provide your name and mobile phone number as well as an emergency contact name and number. Book your place with Bill (0466874723,, who is happy to discuss if this outing is suitable for you.  Please bring binoculars and field guide, water, hat, sun protection, sturdy footwear, long pants and morning tea. Limited to 12 people.

If you do not have binoculars, please let me know as COG can supply you with a pair to use on the day.

Note that the aim of the walk is to introduce you to bird-watching, not bird photography, so please leave your camera at home.

Post event report

Fourteen new and recently-joined members attended this beginners’ outing. Binoculars were supplied and instructions given for their use.  An introduction to the pocket Field Guide to Birds of the ACT by Taylor and Day was given prior to the walk. The aim was to identify birds from each of the following groups: wetlands, grasslands, woodlands, parrots and cockatoos, black and white birds, and small birds. The highlights were good views of a male Scarlet Robin and a White-throated Gerygone calling and flying nearby. The field guides proved to be useful aids as a source of reference during the walk.


Bill Graham

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