Wed 15 July 2015 09:00am

Martin Butterfield
Meet in the carpark at Tidbinbilla at 9am. We’ll walk over to Birrigai, looking for robins and other woodland birds, as well as checking out the various history markers and rock formations. The Time Trail walk is an easy 3km return loop walk.

Post event report

The main reason for choosing Tidbinbilla for this month’s Wednesday walk was the prospect of seeing robins, but the numbers seen were a surprise. A post-walk discussion in the carpark resulted in a consensus view that we’d seen around 60Flame Robins, in addition to a dozenEastern Yellow Robins and 10 Scarlet Robins. The Flame Robins were in large groups on every grassy slope, and this count is very conservative.  A number of the participants had excellent views of a Wedge-tailed Eagle flying low through the trees, with Australian Ravens in pursuit.  A large mixed flock at the half-way point contained Yellow-rumpedBuff-rumped and Brown Thornbills, all feeding on the ground, as well as assorted robins and Superb Fairywrens. A flock of around 30 Red-browed Finches was sighted in a patch of thick scrub. A total of 37 species was seen.

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