Sun 17 September 2017 08:00am

David Dedenczuk

I’ve been inspired by reports of the wonderful birding country in the eastern section of Gigerline Nature Reserve.  The walk is about 2km from the Highway to the river, and the same distance to return.  There is a hill to descend to the river, but the effort is worthwhile.  Great woodland and riverine birds have been seen here, including Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters and Southern Whitefaces. Meet at the old service station at Williamsdale (about 15km south of Tuggeranong on the Monaro Highway) at 8am.  Contact David Dedenczuk on 0417 222 154 or at more information.

Post event report

Ten COG members gathered at the Monaro Highway at Williamsdale on a perfect spring morning.  The sun shone brightly and quickly melted the little light frost that persisted in some shady spots.  The 10 headed off down the trail through pleasant woodland towards the Murrumbidgee, observing many well-known local birds.  A keen-eyed member spotted a Grey Butcherbird on nest and an Olive-backed Oriole called nearby, without making itself seen.  When approaching the steep descent to the river, the party had excellent views of several Rainbow Bee-eaters. The party reached the small green clearing next to the river, to be greeted by three very energetic Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters.  The party saw and heard many Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, including some in large groups. On the return leg, the Oriole presented himself on a branch, and patiently obliged the photographers.  A wonderful morning, with the whole party observing 50 species and some members individually spotting several more species.

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