Eden pelagics

Sat 02 November 2019 07:00am

Sandra Henderson
COG will be running two pelagic trips on the first weekend in November. Cost is not finalised but is likely to be about $130 per person per day. You need to be in Eden ready to board the boat at 7am (and we are usually back in Eden by 3pm) on the day of your trip.
If you are interested, please let me know at shirmax2931@gmail.com. Note that financial members are given priority, although places may be available to non-members closer to the dates of the outings. Please specify whether you want to do the Saturday or Sunday trip (or both). Since I’m away all of July, I may not be able to respond immediately. The boat we use takes 12 passengers each day.

Post event report

With a rather daunting weather forecast promising rough seas, the first of the pelagic trips provided some great seabird experiences. I have been on many of these trips out of Eden, but have never in the past had such great views of Wandering Albatross. One bird in particular, with beautiful markings, spent a great deal of time around the boat.  Around 50 Shy Albatross were seen, as well as Black-browed and Campbell’s Albatross.  The rarity of the day was a White-headed Petrel, only the third time we’ve seen one of these birds on a COG pelagic. Other sightings included Providence Petrel, White-faced Storm Petrel, Grey-faced Petrel, Arctic Jaeger, and six shearwater species, including two Sooty Shearwaters.

On the Sunday the weather was much calmer, and the sightings much less numerous. Both Arctic and Pomarine Jaeger were sighted, as well as a Buller’s Albatross and a White-chinned Petrel.

Many thanks to Tobias for expert identification.

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