White-throated Treecreeper

Cormobates leucophaea

In the suburbs, White-throated Treecreepers generally are observed in gardens near wooded reserves. Treecreepers favour native forest and woodland so they are more common in the older and more wooded suburbs. The male is in the top photograph, with the female in the photograph on the right. She is distinguished from the male by the orange spot near the eye.

They are present all year with the highest numbers recorded during February and March. Numbers over the survey period increased from 1983 to a high in 1988‑89. Since then numbers have been lower, but fairly constant, with some increase over the past seven years.

Treecreepers build their nests in hollow branches or splits in tree trunks generally in early October, with dependent young in late December and mid-January. All breeding observations were at sites near reserves in Hughes, Ainslie and Aranda. R=66. BR=72.