Thrushes & Starlings

Families Turdidae and Sturnidae

The Common Blackbird is an introduced species of Family Turdidae, while the native species found in the area, the Bassian Thrush (10 records) is uncommon in Canberra gardens. Members of Family Sturnidae the Common Starling and Common Myna, both introduced species, are abundant in the ACT and have a dominant influence on local birds. Starlings were introduced often to Australia in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and have spread throughout temperate south-eastern Australia.

Mynas were also introduced to Australia during that period and have four main centres of population, in northern Queensland, in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, around Sydney-Canberra, and around Melbourne. Establishment of the species in Adelaide and Tasmania has so far failed, partly due to active extermination. Common mynas have been successfully excluded from Western Australia to date, and there is a statewide campaign to ensure starlings do not establish permanent populations.