Families Accipitridae and Falconidae

This group of diurnal birds of prey consists of kites, hawks and eagles (Accipitridae) and falcons (Falconidae).

Sixteen of the 27 Australian raptors have been recorded in the survey, with nine recorded fairly often. Most do not favour the suburbs but are recorded because they are generally large birds and are easily seen. Single birds are observed passing over or through the garden. Some less common raptors have been recorded occasionally in the survey, including Whistling Kite (26 records), Grey Goshawk and Black Falcon (12), White-bellied Sea-Eagle (10), Swamp Harrier (5), Black Kite (7), and Spotted Harrier (1). Although most frequently observed raptors breed locally, the number of breeding records of raptors is very low because they generally nest away from suburban areas.