Australian Magpie

Cracticus tibicen

Boldly marked, confiding and abundant, Australian Magpies are one of our best known birds. They feed on insects and other invertebrates on lawns and open ground, and may become tame if fed. They are also renowned for defending their nests and nestlings by swooping at people and pets.

Magpies were the most frequently recorded bird in the survey, numbers being quite constant throughout the year. Numbers have increased during the survey.

With 763 breeding records, they are also the most commonly recorded breeding species. Most nest building is in July and August and usually ends in October. Nests with eggs or young are usually seen from July, peaking in September, with most finishing by the mid-November. The first dependent young are usually seen in August, most numerous in mid-October to mid-November, with few observations after March. R=1. BR=1.