White-browed Scrubwren

 Sericornis frontalis

White-browed Scrubwrens are small noisy birds that cope well in any area with a lot of dense understorey. They are common, widespread ground-foragers, feeding on insects and other invertebrates. The local birds are the subject of long-term studies by ANU researchers, especially at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Numbers recorded are generally stable throughout the year with a slight peak from January to May. Overall numbers increased 15-fold during earlier years of the survey, but there has been a decline in recent years, possibly drought-related.

The domed nests are made of grass, bark strips and rootlets, on or not far above the ground, but are well hidden in a grass clumps or tangled undergrowth. Nest building is recorded from July onwards, and dependent young mostly from late August to January. R=51. BR=32.