Filling in a COG Observation Report

Most sections are self-explanatory.

COG Observer Code First time users will not have one. Just submit paper records with the space empty – the Records Officer will then give you your code for future use.

Time Use 24 hr clock – i.e. for 1 pm use 13.00 not 1.00

Location If you know the Latitude and Longitude of the location please report these and give a clear description of where you were.

If you don’t know the Lat/Longs provide a location/place name in the box at on the right hand side. Acceptable locations include any named place or feature in the suburban or rural area of COG’s Area of Interest e.g. Haig Park, Orroral campground, Goulburn Lawn Cemetery, Kings Highway bridge over Shoalhaven River.

If you wish to give a precise location within a Nature Reserve, Suburb, etc you must give the Lat/Longs and clear description e.g. 35 ?? ??, 149 ?? ?? Mt Taylor NR, Dam near Tuggeranong Parkway.

Abundance Enter the exact number of each species you have seen, or your best estimates. Preferably give a low estimate rather than using an “x” for ‘presence’ However, if you know there is more than one bird in a bush, but you can’t count them an “x” is best. Please do not give a number range.

Include birds flying over the site, high as well as low e.g. Wedge-tailed Eagle, as these are important additions. The only difficulty is usually estimating whether a bird flying high over a site is within the boundaries of a “Within 500m” search. Estimate as best as you can. The boundaries for 2ha and 5km aren’t usually an issue.

Bird species not on the list. Write in the species name in the blank spaces provided, complete an ‘unusual bird report’ (form available at meetings or from the website) and submit it with the original observation record sheet. Unusual bird reports can be completed electronically and submitted to The secretary of the rarities panel will contact you in due course about your observation.

And please check your record carefully before you submit it – even the experts make mistakes.