February Meeting

Wed 14 February 2018 07:30pm

Ross Crates - Ecology and conservation of the Regent Honeyeater
Barbara Allan – Summary of the 2017 COG Bird Blitz and prize

The main presentation will be by Ross Crates, a Ph D student at the ANU’s Fenner School for Society and the Environment, on the “Ecology and conservation of the Regent Honeyeater.”

“Regent Honeyeaters have suffered a rapid decline throughout their vast range. Small population size and unpredictable long-distance movements have constrained attempts to monitor, and hence conserve, the population in a robust way. This talk will summarise the results of three years of intensive Regent Honeyeater field research undertaken by the Difficult Bird Research Group at ANU. We offer new insights into why the Regent Honeyeater has declined so rapidly, and what can be done to prevent the species extinction.

After the main presentation Barbara Allan will give a brief summary of the 2017 COG Bird Blitz including the lucky draw and other prizes for participants.

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