Turquoise Parrot

Neophema pulchella
Non-breeding vagrant/escapee. Declared Vulnerable in NSW.

Blue-winged Parrot

Neophema chrysostoma
Non-breeding vagrant.


Melopsittacus undulatus
Rare, non-breeding visitor/escapee.

Swift Parrot

Lathamus discolor
Rare, non-breeding winter migrant. Declared Vulnerable in the ACT, Endangered in NSW and Critically Endangered under the EPBC Act.

Superb Parrot

Polytelis swainsonii
Common, breeding summer migrant. Declared Vulnerable in the ACT, NSW and under the EPBC Act.

Little Lorikeet

Glossopsitta pusilla
Rare, non-breeding visitor. Declared Vulnerable in NSW.

Musk Lorikeet

Glossopsitta concinna
Rare, non-breeding visitor.

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet

Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus
Non-breeding vagrant/escapee.