Acknowledgements and Copyrights

Copyright on material provided to COG

Members and non-members who offer photos and other material to be placed on this website (notably in the Photo Gallery) or in Gang-gang or elsewhere must generally give COG the right to publish and use the material without restriction.  The donor will still own the copyright and remains free to use or sell their material in any way they wish.  If copyright holders of material previously provided do not wish to give COG these rights they should notify the Secretary who will arrange to have the items removed.  COG’s official copyright policy is below. 


COG Copyright policy

When original material such as photographs, videos, sound recordings, drawings and other original created material are gifted or donated to COG  by the creator and copyright holder, the creator shall grant to COG an unlimited non-exclusive licence to use the material. COG may use the material in all COG activities including but not limited to: use on the COG website, in COG free publications (including Gang Gang), in COG publications which are sold for the purpose of raising revenue for COG, in COG social media. COG will acknowledge the creator of the material in each case.

These activities also include where COG gives permission to third parties for publication of the material where COG has determined that it is the interests of the objectives of COG and where the third party does not derive financial benefit from the donation or gift.

Only material for which expressed limitations are set out in writing at the time of the gifting or donation are exempt from these provisions. A list of these understandings is attached to this policy and will be updated from time to time.

Given that there may be circumstances in which gifting or donation of original material in the past may not have been undertaken with this understanding by donors, the contents of this policy will be circulated widely within the COG membership up until 30 June 2021. Endeavours will also be made over this period to contact the creators of original material already held by COG. After that date it will be assumed that all original material held by COG is subject to this policy.


Bird Calls

The bird calls for this site are used by kind permission of their owner, Mr Fred van Gessel, Professional Wildlife Sounds .

They are from his Australian Bird Call Series, Birds of the Greater Sydney Region, on 3 CDs, which are available for sale from his website, or by contacting Fred van Gessel: