Wednesday walk – Molonglo River loop walk

Wed 15 November 2023 08:30am

Sandra Henderson

We will start near the RSPCA and walk a 4.5km loop, taking in an area where the three common cormorant species and darters nest each year.  Meet at 8.30am near the RSPCA (there is plenty of parking nearby at North Weston Ponds).  Most of this walk is flat, but care needs to be taken because the path is used by many cyclists.  We’ll cross the river on the low-level causeway and return on the far side of river, crossing again on the higher level bridge not far from the end of North Weston Ponds.

As usual, wear sturdy shoes, bring a hat, sunscreen and water.

Registration is not necessary.

Sandra Henderson (


Post event report

Ten members joined me for a walk along the Molonglo River past the breeding sites used by cormorants and darters.  The foliage this year is so dense it was difficult to see the birds and nests. We were able to see several Australasian Darters on nests, and Little Pied Cormorants nest-building and displaying. Although a Little Black Cormorant and several Great Cormorants were seen in the trees, there was no obvious breeding behaviour.  Pacific Black Ducks and Australian Wood Ducks were on the water, and a small number of Dusky Moorhens and Eurasian Coots were spotted. There was much excitement when Ian spotted a Platypus in the river. Near the end of the walk a Brown Goshawk was seen carrying a Common Starling as it moved from tree to tree, being continually disturbed by a family with a small dog walking along the edge of the water. A total of 36 species was seen.

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