Glenburn Precinct

Sun 05 November 2023 08:00am

David Dedenczuk

The Glenburn precinct is a large area of modified grassland (formerly grazing land) with some woodland and (minor) creekline habitats.  There are interesting heritage structures.  We will do the classic 12km Glenburn circuit, and hopefully see a good range of grassland and woodland birds.  More information is at:
There is not much shade from trees, meaning that sun protection (hats, sunglasses and sunblock) is all the more important.  Bring, too, plenty of water, morning tea and lunch.  If it is too hot a day, I will choose another venue – most likely in forested high country.  Meet at Spotlight in Queanbeyan at 8.00am for subsequent carpooling to Glenburn.  The walk will finish in mid-afternoon. Numbers limited to 12.

Registration is essential to or 0417 222 154, with your name and phone number, and name and number of an emergency contact.


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