North from Kambah Pool

Sat 30 June 2018 12:00am

Michael Robbins

Meet Michael Robbins at 9am in the car park at the Kambah Pool southern car park.  To get to this car park follow the Kambah Pool Road until you cross the cattle grid at the entry to the Bullen Range Nature Reserve, then take the second turning left.
From the car park we’ll walk the track which heads north in the direction of Casuarina Sands.  This part of the track has more ups/downs than the track which heads south towards Pine Island.  It also has some very good bushy habitat in the earlier section and then some open grassland.  How far we go will depend on the group and what birds are where on the day.  Hopefully there will be some Yellow-tufted and Crescent Honeyeaters around.
No booking required.  If you have any question contact Michael Robbins (mrobbins at


Post event report

All days out birding are good days, and so it was on the last day of the 2017/18 financial year, even though the winds were unfortunately strong enough to make hearing bird calls difficult.
The highlight for the seven people who attended this trip was watching two Wedge-tailed Eagles playing in these winds, especially the display flight by one of the birds, almost certainly male, which continued for several minutes.  After this, both birds flew off together and we didn’t get to see them locking talons and tumbling.
Almost on a par were the excellent close views we had of Scarlet Robin; full plumage males, immature plumage male and female.  All were very obliging for those carrying long lenses and stayed still, in good positions, close to us.
So the fact that we recorded only 17 species didn’t make for a disappointing day.  However, the leader was a little disappointed that the Grevillea had very few open flowers and it will obviously be about 2 to 4 weeks before the many buds open.   The only obvious honeyeater was the Eastern Spinebill, mainly heard.  Probably only two of us saw the one White-eared Honeyeater.  The most abundant species on our morning was Brown Thornbill, of which several flocks were seen/heard. However, there was one good sized flock (11) of Buff-rumped Thornbill, and quite a few Grey Shrike-thrush.  Good views of the river helped us add Pacific Black Duck and Little Pied Cormorant to the list.

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