Uriarra Village

Sun 31 May 2015 08:30am

Judy Middlebrook & Sue Lashko

Meet at 8.30am at the Uriarra Village Community Centre on Jim Bradley Crescent, most easily found entering from the eastern entrance to the village off Brindabella Road and then it’s on the right, one block in.  We can use the toilets and kitchen facilities in the community centre and make cups of tea/coffee. I will bring ANZAC biscuits.


We can walk around the village itself. The trees around the community centre are usually bird havens. There is also a good walk around the track bordering the horse paddocks. Of particular interest is the track leading uphill on the south eastern end of the village from where we can see the new Cotter Dam. To the west of the village (following the same path) there is a block (part of the water catchment area) known as the Eucalyptus block. There is also an easy walk not far from the community centre through the gums bordering Brindabella Road on the east of the village.

Post event report

Participants were well-rugged up on a cold and breezy morning. Judy Middlebrook, a resident of the village, guided us to a small patch of woodland that is usually very birdy but, after not finding a single bird, we adjourned to the community hall to warm up with a cuppa and Judy’s delicious Anzac biscuits. Once back outside, the birds had warmed up too and our fortunes changed with plenty of Flame and Scarlet Robins in the nearby paddocks as we walked up to a vantage point overlooking Cotter Dam. The surrounding area was a mix of regenerating native scrub, pines and a single strawberry tree (Arbutus), the latter with New Holland Honeyeaters feeding on the flowers.
On the opposite side of the village, in a large patch of woodland labelled Murrumbidgee Corridor Territory Land, we encountered a large mixed feeding flock which included Weebill, Brown, Buff-rumped and Yellow-rumped Thornbill, White-throated Treecreeper, White-eared Honeyeater, Grey Fantail, Silvereye, White-browed Scrubwren and Scarlet Robin. Three Eastern Yellow Robin perched and pounced off the neighbouring fence.
The total species count for the morning was a very respectable 42, given the chilly conditions.

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