Tharwa Sandwash

Sun 13 December 2015 08:00am

David Dedenczuk


This is a very good spot for migrants such as Rainbow Bee-eater and Dollarbird, and the resident Tawny Frogmouths are usually easy to find.  Travel south from Tharwa, turn left onto Smiths Road and take the side track to the left just after you cross Gudgenby River.  The walk will commence at 8am.  Bring morning tea.


Post event report

On a fine summer’s morning a group of 14 keen-eyed COG members and guests gathered at the Sandwash. There was considerable bird activity among the tall Ribbon Gums at the carpark – including recently fledged Tawny Frogmouths and a Willie Wagtail on nest. After enjoying this display for some minutes, the party slowly made their way southwards along the western bank of the steadily flowing Murrumbidgee. Among the Acacias and Kunzeas, there were numerous small birds to be seen including Brown Thornbills. The real highlights were the periodic views towards the Murrumbidgee and the far banks, where some notable birds were to be seen, including the Nankeen Night-heron and Rainbow Bee-eaters. The group proceeded for approximately a kilometre along the bank until the track terminated among the rocky ramparts not far from the Gigerline Gorge. We then returned to the carpark in increasingly warm and sunny conditions, having seen some 46 species. The full list of species seen is published at Eremaea ebird.

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