Queanbeyan Bush Cemetery

Sun 28 May 2023 09:00am

Sandra Henderson

Meet at 9am in the carpark of the main Queanbeyan Cemetery on Lanyon Drive. The bush cemetery next to the lawn cemetery hosts a variety of bush birds – I have visited nine times and listed 50 species in this fairly small area of bush. This will be an easy walk. Leader: Sandra (shirmax2931@gmail.com)

Post event report

The original venue of Googong Western Foreshores was unavailable because of the feral animal control activities, so we revisited the bushland cemetery. It was a bitterly cold morning, but the sun was shining.  As we approached the entry a couple of Satin Bowerbirds were calling just inside the gate, and a male Golden Whistler was the highlight along the track to the back of the cemetery. A large and active mixed flock was finally located on the suburb side of cemetery. Species identified in the very active group included White-throated Treecreepers, Weebills, Silvereyes, Grey Fantails, Buff-rumped Thornbills, Superb Fairy-wrens and Spotted Pardalotes.  There was not the variety of species we found on the previous COG outing to this location, but a nice introduction to the many attendees who’d not visited this site in the past.


Sandra Henderson


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