Mt Rogers, Spence – Saturday

Sat 09 September 2017 08:30am

Angharad Dean

Meet at the end of Wickens Place, Fraser, at 8.30am for a stroll through Mt Rogers Nature Reserve. Superb Parrots may have returned, as well as other migrants.  Bring morning tea.


Post event report

We had a very enjoyable Mt Rogers walk lasting just over two hours.  It was Tee who provided the probable highlight by spotting a pair of roosting Tawny Frogmouths. Speckled Warblers were also seen gathering nesting material. Right at the end, a flock of thirty Australian White Ibis circled and thermalled high over the reserve and then Melba against a peerless blue sky. A total of 27 species was recorded.


Congratulations to Angharad on a successful leadership role!


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