Monga NP

Sun 20 August 2017 08:00am

David McDonald

David McDonald will lead a day outing to this area of wet forest just before the escarpment around 20 km east of Braidwood off the Kings Highway. Target species include the Black-faced Monarch, Pilotbird, Olive Whistler, Bassian Thrush and Pink and Rose Robins. Meet at 8.00 am in the Spotlight carpark in Queanbeyan, for carpooling. Suggested contribution to drivers from each passenger: $10. Bring lunch and drinks. Comprehensive information about the National Park and its birds is found in the wonderful book, Steller, R (ed.) 2005, Monga intacta: a celebration of the Monga Forest and its protection, the author, Braidwood, N.S.W.
Registration for this trip is essential: please phone David McDonald on 0416 231 890 or email .

Post event report

I had the privilege of leading 23 members and friends of COG to this delightful national park a little over one hour’s drive from Queanbeyan. It was a perfect winter’s day: still and sunny, albeit chilly in the shade. We remained on the southern side of the Mongarlowe River and did not venture into the higher, southern part of the park owing to the bad conditions of the Reidsdale Road near the Monga Settlement. Although bird abundance was fairly low, the species diversity was high. Specialties—including species not frequently seen in the Canberra region—included Olive Whistlers, easily seen by all feeding on the roads; Pilotbirds calling strongly and one photographed; Red-browed Treecreepers; Lewin’s Honeyeaters calling strongly; Brown Gerygones; and Eastern Whipbirds in good numbers seen as well as heard. We marvelled at the tree ferns and Pinkwoods/Plumwoods of the Penance Grove, and many participants resolved to return in summer when they are in flower, and in spring when the waratahs are doing the same.

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