Monga National Park

Sun 02 December 2018 08:00am

David Dedenczuk

Inspired by trips led to this park by David McDonald, David Dedenczuk will lead a day outing to this area of wet forest just before the escarpment around 20 km east of Braidwood off the Kings Highway. Target species include Red-browed Treecreeper, Superb LyrebirdBlack-faced MonarchPilotbirdOlive WhistlerBassian Thrush and Pink and Rose Robins. Meet at 8.00 am in the Spotlight carpark in Queanbeyan, for carpooling. Suggested contribution to drivers from each passenger: $10. Bring lunch and drinks. Registration for this trip is essential: please phone David Dedenczuk on 0417 222 154 or email

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