Molonglo River nest sites

Wed 17 March 2021 08:30am

Sandra Henderson

The walk will start at 8.30am from the carpark at North Weston Ponds (go past RSPCA to the big carpark). We will be walking to the river, along to a causeway 2.5 km upstream, then back on the other side. Darters and the three common species of cormorant are all nesting along the river at present, with multiple nests in the favoured trees.

The walk will take about three hours, and is mostly very flat, easy walking.
Bring hat, sunscreen and water.
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Post event report

This Wednesday walk was planned so members could take a look at what is probably the major breeding site for cormorants and Australasian Darters in the ACT.

The birds did not disappoint, with occupied nests, young in nests, and/or newly fledged young for Little Pied Cormorants, Little Black Cormorants, Great Cormorants and Australasian Darters observed. Sadly, some of the lower nests have now disappeared, swallowed up in the floods which passed down that river only a week or so later.

A good number of Satin Bowerbirds were seen, as was a Sacred Kingfisher, as well as many bush birds. A total of 34 species was seen.

Sandra Henderson

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