Tuggeranong Hill

Sun 23 July 2017 09:00am

Lia Battisson

Meet at Kambah Village at 9 am for carpooling.  Then we will drive to Callister Cres, Theodore, and walk through the nature reserve to Conder.  Bring morning tea.  Contact Lia Battisson on 0412788791 or liabattisson@grapevine.com.au if you need further information.

Post event report

Twelve members enjoyed the walk from Theodore on a pleasant winter’s morning, with just an occasional little zephyr.   We saw several Scarlet Robins and all of the thornbills except Yellow.  Honeyeaters were represented by Yellow-faced and White-eared, as well as Eastern Spinebill and Red Wattlebird.

Highlights were nice views of two Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring on the thermals nearby, a pair of Yellow-rumped Thornbills building a nest and Satin Bowerbirds which had advertised their presence with blue objects scattered widely.  Sandra was able to show us a bower, which was well hidden in the undergrowth. We returned to the cars via the gully, where we managed to add a few more species to our short list.  In all, 29 species were observed.

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