day trip to private property at Kangiara near Boorowa

Sun 30 September 2018 07:00am

Sue Lashko

We have been invited to a property that has been de-stocked for some years.  A reconnaissance visit last year yielded a good number of interesting species along the creek, in the woodland and in former grazing areas.  The owners have added small dams with bird-friendly plantings around the edges.

They have offered to host a lunchtime barbeque at the conclusion of our birding.

As it takes almost an hour from our carpooling spot in Hall to Kangiara, we will meet at 7am.  Registration is essential: to  More details will be provided to participants after registration.  Numbers will be restricted to 20.

Post event report

On a beautiful spring car 14 COG members were welcomed onto a wooded property on Lachlan Valley Way.  The area has received several good falls of rain and the countryside was pleasantly green.  The owners removed sheep from the land 12 years ago and have since planted over 8000 trees and shrubs, as well as adding several dams.  Most of the property consists of well-established long-leaved box Eucalyptus goniocalyx on the upper rocky slopes and ridges, and yellow box E. melliodora and apple box E. bridgesiana on the lower slopes, as well as more open grassy patches. Shrubs have been densely planted along the property boundaries, except for the Boorowa River boundary which is lined with willows, reeds and the occasional eucalypt.  Thus, the property stands in sharp contrast to the grazed and cropped land all around.

We spent a very pleasant 4 ½ hours birding, slowly building a list of 44 species.  Highlights included a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring above while 2 fluffy white chicks sat in a nest in a tree low down the slope; we were almost at the top of the slope so had a view into the nest from above, although at some distance away.  The birds have two nesting trees on the property, only about 400 metres apart.  The 2018 nest has not been used for several years, but this year the birds added sticks to an old nest and laid there.  Other raptors seen included a pair of Nankeen Kestrels and a Collared Sparrowhawk.

Some migrants had arrived, although in small numbers, including Rainbow Bee-eater, Noisy Friarbird, Australian Reed-Warbler, Rufous Whistler, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, White-winged Triller and both gerygones. 

We then adjourned for a barbeque lunch at a nearby home and spent a convivial couple of hours enjoying the hospitality of Kath and Richard whilst keeping an eye out for birds.  The highlight was a visit from 3 Superb Parrots – what else would you expect so close to Boorowa, “Superb Parrot Country”?  (Another 6 were seen on the highway soon after we left for home). We added 4 new species at the house, giving a total of 48 for the day.

Our thanks to Kath and Richard for the guided tour of their property and the delicious lunch.

Sue Lashko

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