Lindsay Prior Arboretum

Wed 20 January 2021 08:30am

Sandra Henderson
Meet at 8.30am in the carpark at the National Rock Garden, across from the entry to the National Arboretum. We’ll be walking through the Lindsay Prior Arboretum on the lake shores, an easy walk, with plenty of shade. Most will be on mown areas or formed tracks.
Register with Sandra with your name, number and emergency contact details.
Time: two hours
Bring: water, sunscreen, hat, sensible shoes.

Post event report


Approximately 23 members gathered at the National Rock Garden for a stroll around the Lindsay Prior Arboretum.  Sandra gave some remarks explaining the career of Lindsay Prior which clearly justified him having an Arboretum named after him.  For some reason the nearest  eBird Hotspot is called Barrenjoey Point.

As we headed off a number of brown ground-loving birds were seen and originally identified as Australasian Pipits. On looking closely several of them we soon renamed as female White‑winged Trillers  Personally, I always find them a difficult species to identify, usually arriving at that species as the bird fails to meet the characteristics of all other brown ground favouring species.

Other species added to list before we got into the trees included an overflying Australian Darter, Yellow-rumped Thornbills, Crested Pigeon, Dusky Woodswallow, Australian Magpie and Magpie Lark.  We followed the edge of the Lake, hearing many, and seeing a surprising proportion of, Australasian Reed Warbler.  The trees did not seem to be a favoured habitat and few species were added in this stretch.

As we got back closer to the bike track several less common species were added.  An adult Nankeen Hight-Heron flew back and forth across the water.  It seemed to be nervous of humans, and was possibly further agitated by the harassment by several Noisy Miners.  3 Dollarbirds were seen and a single Sacred Kingfisher.


Overall we recorded 41 species in 146 minutes.  A full birdlist is at

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