Hall TSR – Wednesday walk

Wed 17 December 2014 08:30am

Martin Butterfield

Meet at 8:30 on the Barton Hwy  by the gate into the Reserve (more or less opposite the Northern Junction with Victoria st).

Post event report

Twenty-three members and guests gathered for the walk through the Travelling Stock Reserve and the adjoining woodland.  The “best bird” seen was a Crested Shrike-tit, first located in an Acacia dealbata and then seen in many nearby perches.  The bird was very aggressive to Dusky Woodswallows and it was thought likely that a nest was in the vicinity.  It clearly met the criterion for the “Agitated Behaviour” category of Breeding records in ebird.  Two Jacky Winters were seen in the far western corner of the woodland but displayed no evidence of breeding behaviour.  A single Brown Treecreeper was seen by one observer close to where very young birds were seen a year ago.  Other breeding records at the first site were: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo inspecting hollow; Magpie-lark on nest; Willie Wagtail nest with young; Dusky Woodswallow on nest; Welcome Swallow with dependent young; and Noisy Friarbird on nest. We recorded 39 species at this site.  ​There were a number of notable absentees.  Not a single thornbill was seen or heard, likewise not a single cuckoo, nor any Rufous Whistlers.  While the length of the grass might have made the area unattractive for some species in these groups, the arboreal species, especially those with a taste for larger insects, should have been very well suited.


About half the group moved on to the nearby Hall Cemetery.  This was relatively quiet for birds (but not for cicadas).  The less common birds seen were 2 Dollarbirds (well away from the hollow used for nesting the previous two years) and an Australian Hobby feeding on prey (probably a fat cicada).  A flock of 9 Straw-necked Ibis soared overhead with a single White-necked Heron well above them.  11 species were recorded here.


Martin Butterfield

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