Flemington Road Ponds & Mitchell

Sun 18 September 2016 08:00am

Bill Graham

Note change of date from 24 July.

Meet at 8.00am in carparks near the corner of Flemington Rd and Randwick Rd., opposite the Canberra Racecourse. Both ponds are on Sullivan’s Creek. The eBird list has 87 species for Mitchell Pond including Double-barred Finch, Pink-eared Duck and Little Grassbird. The second pond is on the corner of Flemington Rd and Morisset Rd., opposite the Belconnen Dog Obedience Club. 94 species have been recorded here on eBird, including Latham’s Snipe and Cattle Egrets. As there are stables nearby, Little Corellas, Rock Doves and other grain eaters are often present.

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